Saturday, June 14, 2008

Roll up Roll up! Take the Tour...

Click on the link to enlarge the map and then click on a marker to watch a video about that site. If your browser doesn't display the video you can watch the videos here: StrangeLoop on youtube


Alex M said...

A wonderful project! A few questions....

A) How precisely does one download the video on youtube? We'd like to watch the videos at the site, but we don't have IPhones; rather, we have a video Ipod, so we'd need to download it to our device, rather than watch it over a network. And I always thought that youtube prohibited downloading.

B) Is there a chapter divided version of the audio file? Otherwise we'd have to see the sites in numerical sequence.

C) Is there a *.kmz file of the map, so that I could see it in Google Earth?



erik said...

Thank you Alex for checking this out.
We now have the videos up for download as a quicktime file directly from the blog.

We don't as yet have a chapter divided version of the audio or video, but the audio does have narration that announces each chapter. We will work up versions with chapters soon (if i can figure that out).

You should be able to open the map in a full page and click on the "view in google earth" button. There is also link on the blog to another map I created using Mapufacture, go to that map and you can view in Earth and export GPS data easily.

Hope this helps. This has been a learning experience for us for sure.



Alex M said...

Thanks very much for responding. One other suggestion: you might also want to convert the movie file to .mp4 format. I'm not entirely sure about this, but I don't think video Ipods cam play *.mov files. (I've got some conversion software, so I should be able to convert it, but others might have difficulty playing it.)

erik said...

That's a good idea. itunes will convert the videos. Unfortunately the mp4 format doesn't support chapter markers, so that would be lost on the full set. I think I will put up converted versions of the individual movies. Thank you for your input!